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Puppy Training

Our online 6 week programme, The Puppy Expert, is specially developed to support families with children and puppies across the UK.

  • Develop your own puppy training skills as we coach you live
  • Learn anywhere, anytime with useful guidance videos
  • Boost your confidence
  • Have fun while your puppy becomes part of the family!
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Meet Your Trainer

I’m Alison Winters, an experienced and qualified UK-based Clinical Animal Behaviourist, as well as a professional dog trainer. I work on veterinary referral to resolve serious dog behaviour problems, and specialise in supporting families with children and puppies.  

I am passionate about keeping children safe, as well as preventing the development of problem behaviours in puppies as they grow. I do this via my online puppy training programme which uses a combination of video-based learning as well as live online lessons with myself.  This means that I can share my extensive knowledge with you wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Alison Winters - here to support you

Dog Behaviour Consultations

Professional behaviour referral service to address scary, worrying, or challenging behaviour causing you concern.

  • Addressing aggressive, anxious, and fearful related behaviours
  • Working in conjunction with your vet to identify any medical issues affecting behaviour
  • Working towards happy pets, happy owners, happy family!

Assessments for Child Adoption & Fostering

Providing independent assessment of dogs in the homes of potential adoptive parents or foster carers.

  • Providing a professional opinion on the risks a family’s dog may present to children
  • Offering practical considerations and recommendations regarding home environment

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